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#ForceFriday – #StarWars Awesomeness Brought To You Courtesy of @PatHanavan and Woot.com

So every week my inbox, facebook messages, DM’s, @ replies, and facebook walls are filled with Star Wars stuff, which is about as close to heaven as it gets for me.  Pat Hanavan batted 1000 yesterday with great posts on my wall, so I knew the job was already done for me for my Force …

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Use The Force Friday: Awesome #Starwars Pics Awesome People Send Me @starwars

I’m obsessed with Star Wars.  People know this.  They constantly egg me on by sending me Star Wars related things all the time.  They’re far too awesome not to share.  Here are a few of the ones I got this week.  Keep them coming guys!!!    

So… Is It Safe To Talk About Valentines Day Yet??? – #yinzerTalk @starwars #starwars

So as a single guy in PIttsburgh, or a single guy anywhere really, I had a pretty eventful Valentines Day season.  Can you call it that?  I guess so… I just did.  I’ll just call it Valentines Day so I don’t have to always be so chronologically liberal about describing it.  I wanted to post …

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Adidas Skyline Vaders: As Good As Mine (Already Have A Pair On Hold)

Before I even start… a MASSIVE thanks to my good buddy Matt Dayka for keeping me in mind when he swiped a pair of these to put on hold for me as soon as they came in. Come this Friday, everyone feel free to be extremely jealous of me rocking these super, super, SUPER SICK …

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