PREDATOR: DARK AGES – A Crusade To Heal Predator’s Glowing Green AVP Wounds

One of the strangest things in cult movie history surrounds the Predator. The original Predator movie was incredible and still is. The Predator as a character/alien/movie monster was an instant hit. One of the best ever created. A jacked up humanoid alien, hunter/being of the land/master of his surroundings mindset, body cloaking/camouflage device, dreadlocks, an awesome looking helmet/face mask giving him multiple modes of vision, a mouth composed of multiple mandibles hidden underneath, minimal body armor, shoulder plasma blaster, a wrist communicator with built-in self destruct bomb, and even with all of that high-powered tech, Predator has giant retractable blades attached to his wrist communicator to engage in up-close, hand-to-hand combat. This is an alien born of pure “Dude World.” To top it all off, Predator shares the same universe as the Xenomorphs of the Aliens movies. There’s nothing bad to say about anything here.

What happened?

There hasn’t been a whole lot of success with the rest of the Predator properties despite the amount support fans are willing to give it. Predator 2 was ok in its own right; a little campy but certainly a product of the time. AVP was watchable but nothing the Alien or Predator franchises can be super proud of. AVPR was awful but who knows, maybe if the movie wasn’t pitch black the entire time, it might have been decent… but probably not. Predators was the best stab at bringing Predator back on track but I don’t think anyone is saying Adrien Brody stealing Christian Bale’s Batman voice, Lawrence Fishburne with an imaginary friend, and Topher Grace being present at all, set the Predator franchise back on the course for success. With such an awesome monster, how do Predator movies continually end up turning into botch jobs???

Sometimes it takes the fans to set things right. Maybe Predator: Dark Ages is on the right track? Check it out.


I have a huge soft spot for fan films, especially fan films that are swinging for the fences, quality-wise. It’s a great way to pay homage to something much larger, a way to add to it, be a part of it, and a way to give back to the rest of the fans who want more of something just as much as the fan film creators do. Predator: Dark Ages is definitely one of those types of fan films and deserves all the attention it’s receiving right now with its fresh online release.

So what did you think about Predator: Dark Ages? What are your thoughts on where the Predator stands right now success-wise? Hit up the comments and I’ll see you down there.

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By: Eli Rebich