#TunesdayTuesday: Lesser Key – “Intercession”. TOOL Collides With Further Seems Forever.

It’s time to dig in again with another piece of our Tuesday music series #TunesdayTuesday. After the short hiatus we took for a few weeks, we’ve hit the ground running with some solid picks. Lesser Key should help us keep that momentum traveling in the right direction.

If you’re a big fan of TOOL, Aenima is probably one of your favorite albums. Actually, that might be false because the most well-known album is rarely the favorite for die-hard fans. Regardless, you probably recognize the name, Paul D’Amour. D’Amour left TOOL in 1995 and went on to pursue other musical endeavors. Most recently and certainly the most exciting of those is his new brain-child, Lesser Key.

Lets dive into some Lesser Key tuneage with their slightly NSFW video (little bit of nudity) for their song, “Intercession.”

Lesser Key – “Intercession”

I’m not a gigantic TOOL fan, but that being said, I’d never shy away from catching them live if I ever get the opportunity. Paul D’Amour definitely brought the deep, obscure, yet still melodic tones from TOOL to Lesser Key, but this isn’t TOOL and I don’t think anyone wants them to be. The songs carry a different feel despite the tone, and the vocals are noticeably different but super familiar in a completely different way.

Without looking into it right away, when I first heard Lesser Key, I thought I was listening to Joe Bunch back on the mic. If you’re unfamiliar with the name, maybe the Hide Nothing album from Further Seems Forever rings a better bell. I don’t know if I should say unfortunately it’s not Joe Bunch since Andrew Zamudio’s vocals are so similar sounding and equally impressive, but it would have been cool if it was.

Lesser Key is signed to Sumerian Records and currently touring on a 6-song, self-titled EP “Lesser Key”. No word on whether a new album is on the way or not, but one would assume that’s the case. Seeing how good their first collection of released tracks turned out, my anticipation is high for a full-length Lesser Key album.

What were your thoughts on Lesser Key? Did you dig “Intercession” and the video? Is anyone else hearing the Joe Bunch, Further Seems Forever vocal comparison? What tunes are you listening to these days??? Hit up the comments and I’ll see you down there.

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By: Eli Rebich