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#TunesdayTuesday: Picturesque Releases Video For “Speak Softly”

This very well may be the first time that a band has been featured twice in the #TunesdayTuesday series. It’s a well-deserved follow up. Picturesque has a lot to offer for being such a new band. That probably sounds a little steep considering they’ve only released 3 songs and acoustic versions of those 3 songs. …

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#TunesdayTuesday: I The Mighty Releases New Album Today, “Connector” (Full Stream)

Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday… you grow more beautiful every time you’re a #Tunesday. If you don’t know about I The Mighty, you’re in luck because starting today, you have two new really solid albums of music to grace your earballs with. That’s a complete blessing for you as a new listener because waiting for 2 years …

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#TunesdayTuesday: Lesser Key – “Intercession”. TOOL Collides With Further Seems Forever.

It’s time to dig in again with another piece of our Tuesday music series #TunesdayTuesday. After the short hiatus we took for a few weeks, we’ve hit the ground running with some solid picks. Lesser Key should help us keep that momentum traveling in the right direction. If you’re a big fan of TOOL, Aenima is probably …

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#TunesdayTuesday: PVRIS – “Fire” & “My House” (PS – I Love You, Lynn Gunn)

Well well well… 7 days later and we find ourselves back at Tuesday, yet again. I guess that means it’s Tunesday. This week we’re digging in with the first female-fronted band to grace the #TunesdayTuesday series, PVRIS. Not that there was some big waiting game for the first female-fronted band, but with as hypnotic and …

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#TunesdayTuesday: Deftones Live FULL SHOW 5/9/15, Rock in Rio – Las Vegas

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks so the posts have been far less frequent than I’d like. To jump back into Tunesday Tuesday, I needed something killer to get it back on track. If there’s one thing that can do that, it’s a live Deftones set from Las Vegas. If you’ve seen the Deftones …

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