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#TunesdayTuesday: Picturesque Releases Video For “Speak Softly”

This very well may be the first time that a band has been featured twice in the #TunesdayTuesday series. It’s a well-deserved follow up. Picturesque has a lot to offer for being such a new band. That probably sounds a little steep considering they’ve only released 3 songs and acoustic versions of those 3 songs. …

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UPDATE – #TunesdayTuesday: Awaken I Am – “Divisions” & “Seek Solace Search”

It’s been a minute since I’ve thrown out any music for inquiring ears, so the revival of Tunesday Tuesday is back in action. There’s really not a whole lot of method to this madness. Most of the music I put up, unless it’s suggested by one of you (which is totally a viable option), is …

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