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Star Wars, Still Haven’t Seen It? Get Caught Up In 3 Minutes.

Here’s the deal, folks… Star Wars – Episode VII: The Force Awakens officially drops in 2 days, December 18th. If you’re like me, you somehow managed to snag tickets for tomorrow. We’re talking 24 hours until new Star Wars. Time is running short if you’re not up to date with the 6 existing movies. Your …

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Star Wars Prequels DON’T Suck. The Edits You’ve Been Looking For.

So here’s the deal. Watching Star Wars is pretty much a must (even the Star Wars prequel trilogy). I always try to help people catch up as best I can. I even posted a way for people to watch all of the Star Wars movies at one time. But now it’s time to go a …

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Stop Confessing To Me You’ve Never Seen The Star Wars Movies. Here’s All 6 At Once.

So here’s a totally real page of my life that if I were an actual book, as a sort of prank, the publisher of my book seemingly photocopied this single page about 1 million times and stuck those identical pages randomly between all the other pages inside my story’s front and back covers. I can’t even begin to …

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Darth Vader Is LITERALLY Built Into American History On The Washington National Cathedral

I’ve always said when people are looking to make something better than it already is, the only way they can be sure to do that is to mash it up with Star Wars. Pop culture pulls from Star Wars CONSTANTLY whether you realize it or not. Movie references, quotes, scene reenactments, character names; you name …

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Renowned Madame Tussauds London Creates Enormous Star Wars Wax Exhibit

Not that wax museums are the most popular things on the face of the planet, but if you know about any of them, you probably know about Madame Tussauds. Madame Tussauds has everything you would expect from a wax museum and then some. Sports stars. Film characters. Royal figures. World leaders. Cultural Icons. Musicians. Super Heroes. It’s all at Madame …

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