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Darth Vader Is LITERALLY Built Into American History On The Washington National Cathedral

I’ve always said when people are looking to make something better than it already is, the only way they can be sure to do that is to mash it up with Star Wars. Pop culture pulls from Star Wars CONSTANTLY whether you realize it or not. Movie references, quotes, scene reenactments, character names; you name …

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Star Wars As An 80’s High School Movie. These Problems Matter.

I don’t think you need to hear anything more about this than what the title has to offer. Cool kids. Bullies. Nerds. Parents. Drama. The hot girl with a good heart. A rebel. Jocks. Teachers. Detention. Acne. Passing Notes. Some sort of a musical montage. Kevin Bacon. Star Wars. Star Wars. Star Wars. Star Wars. The last four …

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Darth Vader And Son: The Best Children’s Book In The Galaxy.

Darth Vader and Son is so ridiculously cute and funny… neither adjectives are things I ever thought I would describe something about the relationship between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

If You’re A Star Wars AND LOTR Fan, You’re About To Be Pit Against Yourself: DARTH VADER vs GANDALF

I’ve never heard of Super Power Beat Down but I’m a HUGE supporter after seeing this.  This seems like one of the most insanely fun projects a geek could be a part of.  This one was a no brainer to me.  I’m a big LOTR fan but my fandom for Star Wars dwarfs it big …

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900 Twitter Followers Thank You PART 1: Darth Vader vs. Adolf Hitler – Epic Rap Battles of History

When I first put together Pittsburgh Jedi, it was mainly because people who I had been friends with for years and years on Facebook, were all of a sudden having their news feeds taken over by my live posts for Pens and Steelers games, etc. Some really liked it and some really hated it, but …

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