900 Twitter Followers Thank You PART 1: Darth Vader vs. Adolf Hitler – Epic Rap Battles of History


When I first put together Pittsburgh Jedi, it was mainly because people who I had been friends with for years and years on Facebook, were all of a sudden having their news feeds taken over by my live posts for Pens and Steelers games, etc. Some really liked it and some really hated it, but both suggested that I start a website since I’m pretty dedicated to posting on a number of topics.  I have a big multimedia background but that doesn’t mean i know the first thing about owning and operating a website.  I figured the only way to learn is just to do it.

Here I am less than 2 years later, interacting with over 1200 people on Facebook and now hitting 900 followers on Twitter.  PittsburghJedi.com receives consistent, daily hit counts.  This is all very surreal to me and I really appreciate everyone who has gotten on board with everything Pittsburgh Jedi is all about.  Whether you’re everyday active with me, occasionally pop in and have something to say, or just watch from afar, you guys are all awesome and it’s all MASSIVELY appreciated.  I really dig the community that has formed around the site and the social networking sites.  I have a ton of fun with all of you and believe me, if I didn’t, I would’ve ditched this experiment after the 1st year.

A buddy of mine showed me this video last night.  It’s timely that it came up last night, completely ridiculous in general and I’m shocked I’ve never seen it before.  It’s SO over the top, I figured It would be worthy of the 900 milestone.  Lets keep the good times rollin’, definitely invite your friends to connect with Pittsburgh Jedi, and may the force be with Yinz!

Twitter: @Pittsburgh_Jedi
Facebook: Pitts Burgh-Jedi

Thanks again everyone!  Enjoy!!!