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Star Wars As An 80’s High School Movie. These Problems Matter.

I don’t think you need to hear anything more about this than what the title has to offer. Cool kids. Bullies. Nerds. Parents. Drama. The hot girl with a good heart. A rebel. Jocks. Teachers. Detention. Acne. Passing Notes. Some sort of a musical montage. Kevin Bacon. Star Wars. Star Wars. Star Wars. Star Wars. The last four …

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Mr. And Mrs. Sith: Brad And Angelina Who?

If there was a point in time you thought the fight between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith was one of the hottest fights you have ever seen, well… you’d be right. But not anymore. Meet Mr. and Mrs. Sith. If you thought a sex-driven, multi-gun clip-emptying, hand to hand combat …

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Darth Vader And Son: The Best Children’s Book In The Galaxy.

Darth Vader and Son is so ridiculously cute and funny… neither adjectives are things I ever thought I would describe something about the relationship between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

Viral Video Rap Christmas Card NOTHING!!! Star Wars Christmas Cards!!! You Lose News Guy!!!

Haven’t sent out your Christmas/Holiday cards yet!?!?!? FOR SHAME!!!!  Pittsburgh Jedi and Geek X Girls got you covered! IT’S A STAR WARS CHRISTMAS!!! Enjoy!!!

The Rumored First Official Movie Poster For Star Wars Episode VII: … Return To The Galaxy???

Real or fake, who am I to withhold a good looking rumor from you??? Possible brand new title/tag line we haven’t heard yet.  The planet shown is interesting because most people would think Hoth from Empire, but there’s actually a much more relevant twist here. The planet Ilum is an ice planet that Jedi’s venture …

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