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Ant-Man or Ant-Meh? Terminator: Genisys – Terminator Is, Well… Back. Trailer-Mania Monday!!!

Well this morning turned into a barrage of big name trailer releases. Most notably, Ant-Man and Terminator: Genisys. I don’t know if anyone was ever very sold on the idea of an Ant-Man movie or the casting choices made for it, but the curiosity is definitely there as to how they’ll pull it off and …

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Big Bee Studio Creates Amazing Star Wars April Fools Spoof: Disney/Pixar’s X-WINGS

I pretty much despise April Fools jokes, especially now that the internet is what it is. I hate April Fools jokes even more when it comes to Star Wars because the way I’ve always seen things, more Star Wars is a good thing and the last thing I want is to get my hopes up …

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The Rumored First Official Movie Poster For Star Wars Episode VII: … Return To The Galaxy???

Real or fake, who am I to withhold a good looking rumor from you??? Possible brand new title/tag line we haven’t heard yet.  The planet shown is interesting because most people would think Hoth from Empire, but there’s actually a much more relevant twist here. The planet Ilum is an ice planet that Jedi’s venture …

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Star Wars: Episode VII – Unbelievable Poster Mock-ups. Seriously… These Are Truly Amazing.

All I can truly say is that these posters blew me away.  Whether they’re leaks or purely fan art, they’re amazing.  The Vader helmet one is my favorite for sure.  Just phenomenal. Enjoy!           And of course… the Patton Oswalt Geek Rant poster:      

For My Gamer Pals – More Leaked Battlefront 3 Footage: RIP LucasArts But Disney Be Smart And Release This Game.

I love video games.  I often choose not to get myself involved with them because I know just how much time out of my life will be sucked away from me if I pick up a controller.  It’s happened before.  I say it wont happen again.  It always does, every little chance it gets.  BUT… …

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