#TunesdayTuesday: I The Mighty Releases New Album Today, “Connector” (Full Stream)

Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday… you grow more beautiful every time you’re a #Tunesday.

If you don’t know about I The Mighty, you’re in luck because starting today, you have two new really solid albums of music to grace your earballs with. That’s a complete blessing for you as a new listener because waiting for 2 years for this band to release new music is something that’s had me champing at the bit. That’s a high-class problem for both myself and I The Mighty. They should feel great that their fans love their music so much that the only problem they have with it is there isn’t more of it, and fans should feel relieved they found a band worth looking forward to new material from.

I found out about I The Mighty through seeing them listed as an opener for one of my all time favorite bands, Coheed and Cambria. There was a little heart-warming story in there that spoke to me. The lead singer for I The Mighty, Brent Walsh, is such a huge Coheed fan that he has their keywork logo on his forearm.


As a fan that has been contemplating getting a Coheed and Cambria themed tattoo myself, I understand how big a fan you need to be to even begin considering getting inked, let alone following through with it. I can only imagine how insanely excited he must have been to open and perform night after night in front a band who is clearly a gigantic inspiration to him. That’s a musician’s dream. (Believe me, I know. I was lucky enough able to open for Coheed and Cambria in college before they blew up, when I was still doing the dedicated band thing.)

That’s all well and good, but it’s time to hear the successor of I The Mighty’s 2013 Satori album, Connector. Just going to say this in advance… you’re welcome.

I The Mighty – Connector  Full Album Stream

As expected, I The Mighty has pushed their sound forward from where it was when I was first introduced to them. Their first album struck me as a great tribute to the emo/screamo/punk/pop punk golden days, about 8-10ish years ago. As a person who sees “scene” bars turn into a frenzied sing along when those songs come on, clearly there’s still a very devoted fan-base perpetuating the demand for that sound. Connector is a really solid balance of using the Satori foundation to build on, integrating some very unique song writing elements from the Brent Walsh solo album, 7, then injecting the new I The Mighty evolution into it all, holding everything together just right. And just like last time, I’m into the music so much that the only fault I can find in it is that there’s not more out there to my disposal.

High. Class. Problem.

I’d say that about covers it for this week’s #TunesdayTuesday. What are your thoughts about I The Mighty’s new album, Connector? Have you checked out their first full-length album, Satori or the Brent Walsh solo album, 7? Hit up the comments with your brain words and I’ll see you down there.

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By: Eli Rebich