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#TunesdayTuesday: Picturesque Releases Video For “Speak Softly”

This very well may be the first time that a band has been featured twice in the #TunesdayTuesday series. It’s a well-deserved follow up. Picturesque has a lot to offer for being such a new band. That probably sounds a little steep considering they’ve only released 3 songs and acoustic versions of those 3 songs. …

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#TunesdayTuesday: I The Mighty Releases New Album Today, “Connector” (Full Stream)

Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday… you grow more beautiful every time you’re a #Tunesday. If you don’t know about I The Mighty, you’re in luck because starting today, you have two new really solid albums of music to grace your earballs with. That’s a complete blessing for you as a new listener because waiting for 2 years …

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#TunesdayTuesday: Lesser Key – “Intercession”. TOOL Collides With Further Seems Forever.

It’s time to dig in again with another piece of our Tuesday music series #TunesdayTuesday. After the short hiatus we took for a few weeks, we’ve hit the ground running with some solid picks. Lesser Key should help us keep that momentum traveling in the right direction. If you’re a big fan of TOOL, Aenima is probably …

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#TunesdayTuesday: PVRIS – “Fire” & “My House” (PS – I Love You, Lynn Gunn)

Well well well… 7 days later and we find ourselves back at Tuesday, yet again. I guess that means it’s Tunesday. This week we’re digging in with the first female-fronted band to grace the #TunesdayTuesday series, PVRIS. Not that there was some big waiting game for the first female-fronted band, but with as hypnotic and …

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#TunesdayTuesday: Breaking Benjamin Back On The Scene & The Prodigy

Happy Tunesday Tuesday people!!! If I had to categorize today’s post, I’d say newsworthy or honorable mention is what best describes it. One item was delivered to me via social media and the other was delivered to me via social interaction. That really still happens as shocking as it may sound. Even though I’m not necessarily …

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