#TunesdayTuesday: Picturesque Releases Video For “Speak Softly”

This very well may be the first time that a band has been featured twice in the #TunesdayTuesday series. It’s a well-deserved follow up. Picturesque has a lot to offer for being such a new band. That probably sounds a little steep considering they’ve only released 3 songs and acoustic versions of those 3 songs. It’s easier to process what I mean if you’ve heard the songs that I’m talking about. If you haven’t heard the songs that I’m talking about, then you’ve clearly fallen behind on your Tunesday gifts. In which case, lets get you caught up on Picturesque…

#TunesdayTuesday: Picturesque – “Just Exist” ~ Download Their EP For Free!

Picturesque has been busy. Their social media feeds are well-updated with announcements and shows. All the symptoms you want to see from a band you hope to be on a solid road to success. Just last week, the band released a brand new music video for their song, “Speak Softly.” A little something for your eyeballs and your earballs.

Picturesque – Speak Softly (Official Music Video)

My first impression is a little bit of a Poltergeist feel with old school TV showing static and the general darker tone of the footage. Generally, just a cool live performance video with a little bit of a simple story spliced in. Picturesque is a little bit of their own contradiction because they use these “imperfect” visual elements even though their tone is clean and dead on and the vocals are about pitch perfect as it gets no matter if it’s power belting at the top of its register or if it’s hanging lighter on the falsetto with vibrato leading out the notes.

Holding consistent with that description, Picturesque has a video series out  for the acoustic version of their EP called the “Broken Home Sessions.” You’ll definitely want to check these out.

Picturesque – Speak Softly (Broken Home Sessions)

Picturesque – Just Exist (Broken Home Sessions)

Picturesque – One Of Us (Broken Home Sessions)

Well that about does it for this week’s #TunesdayTuesday. I think I’ve successfully taken everything Picturesque has online right now and linked it all into 1 post. Hit up the comments below and let  me know your thoughts on all things Picturesque, music and otherwise.

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By: Eli Rebich