#TunesdayTuesday: Picturesque – “Just Exist” ~ Download Their EP For Free!

It’s Tuesday so it’s most certainly a Tunesday. This week is a band that’s about as new as you could imagine a band being. Picturesque.

There’s not a whole lot out there to gather about Picturesque. They appear to be unsigned but they do have management under Sight In Sound. Admittedly, I haven’t done any investigation into Sight In Sound beyond their website, but my findings are this. The site is just a dark gray logo in the middle of a black page with no band roster or site navigation to be found. It may be a management company formed by Picturesque themselves or Picturesque may be the only band on their roster. All speculation, but the name reminds me of a short description of Daredevil’s special hero ability, so that’s awesome.

By the small amount of studio tracks they have recorded for you to hear, I assume they’re getting ready to record a full-length album or at least a longer EP. Currently, Picturesque only has a 3-song self-titled EP out for you to check out. Small sample size as that may be, they’re 3 pretty solid songs. Check out my favorite of the 3, “Just Exist”.

Picturesque – “Just Exist”

Picturesque is from Lexington, Kentucky but sounds a decent amount like the Orlando, Florida band, Sleeping With Sirens. That’s pretty much a good thing all the way around for Picturesque, because they sound like Sleeping With Sirens when they were quality, 2 albums ago, and not the Sleeping With Sirens of today, who is putting out what I would harshly describe as “trend-riding, non-unique, bottom-feeding garbage” (which is a shame because Kellin Quinn is a truly extraordinary vocalist). Sleeping With Sirens’ current music writing debacle not withstanding, Picturesque has plenty of their own identity in their music as well, so the band should have no worries on that front.

Regardless of there being little information available about them, Picturesque is certainly active and not just a recording project. Just earlier today, the band just announced a short run of shows on their Facebook page and they post small clips of cover songs they’re playing to camera. They clearly want to get their name and music circulating because their EP is completely free for download, so definitely go get yourself some good free music below and tell your friends.

Download Picturesque’s Self-Titled EP Here

That about does it for this week’s #TunesdayTuesday. Did you dig “Just Exist”? Did you go download the EP? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and I’ll see you down there.

Sorry if you’re into the current Sleeping With Sirens material. If you feel like going out of your way to argue with me directly about it, you can find me online on facebooktwitter and instagram.

By: Eli Rebich