#TunesdayTuesday: Watch Circa Survive’s Spring Tour Documentary

It’s a unique Tunesday because this Tuesday, we’re not actually focused on a specific song or album. For the first time ever, we’re going behind the scenes and who better to peer in on than one of my all time favorite bands, Circa Survive.

Having kept an attentive eye on the band since before its inception, Circa Survive is a product of the initial greatness that was Saosin. With Anthony Green fronting Saosin, then leaving them to join up with his hometown friends in Circa Survive, the front-man whose voice had its own cult following, brought instant attention to Circa Survive. Not to say Circa wouldn’t have grown to the size it is without Green’s involvement, but he did get involved and Saosin fans followed the voice. It’s been about 10 years since the birth of Circa Survive and in that decade, the band has shown endless amounts of growth and practice turned mastery within their craft.

Life on tour isn’t a glamorous one. There’s certainly different levels of it, some much worse than others, but a bus full of people, all with their own tastes and routines, each with their own job to perform, traveling for hours on end together, sleeping in coffin-sized bunks, and having to share every common inch of the living quarters is a shock for the senses. Sounds. Smells. Restlessness. Claustrophobia. It’s easy for frustrations and irritation to stack up which is why it’s so important that the band and crew have really solid personal and working relationships. Almost like family… and including family as well.

Circa Survive takes us into the inner-workings of being a band on the road, showing every aspect of touring from time spent on the bus traveling, to wrapping up shows and heading to the next city, and doing it all with family on board for the ride. Check out the 4-part documentary below.

CIRCA SURVIVE – Spring Tour: Part 1

CIRCA SURVIVE – Spring Tour: Part 2

CIRCA SURVIVE – Spring Tour: Part 3

CIRCA SURVIVE – Spring Tour: Part 4

Anthony’s kids are pretty hilarious and adorable, right???

It’s pretty incredible when you think about everything these videos has shown. So many relationships needing to be maintained but needing to avoid full exposure of any one type for too long in an area; family, friends, business alike. If you’ve ever been on tour or have been around your fair share of touring musicians, you’ve definitely seen your fair share of bands who do it well and those who don’t . Circa Survive does it well and there’s plenty more evidence to support that beyond these 4 videos.

So what did you think of this #TunesdayTuesday switch up? Not bad right? Lets get the thoughts flowing down in the comments and I’ll see you all down there.

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By: Eli Rebich