Kung Fury: Step Aside Avengers & Mad Max. This Is The Top Summer Movie.

I’ve been keeping an eye on Kung Fury for the better part of 2 years. Back in December of 2013, I learned about the kickstarter campaign for Kung Fury and after seeing the teaser trailer, the rest was history. If you don’t know what Kung Fury is and keep thinking I’m adding an unnecessary ‘ry’ at the end of Kung Fu, let me fill you in and get you caught up.

When I first wrote about Kung Fury (December 30, 2013), I really felt like I nailed the reasons why you love this movie without having seen a single frame of it yet. I still feel like I hit the nail on the head pretty solidly. No need to remake the wheel. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

So let’s go over all the reasons why you love Kung Fury already: 80’s style cop movie. Awesome action movie punchlines. Impossible car stunts. Ninja headbands. Kung Fu Adolf Hilter named Kung Fuhrer. Nintendo Power Glove. Time travel. 80’s style virtual reality. Mullets. Vikings with machine guns. Giant Thor. Riding dinosaurs. 5 inch floppy discs. Huge boomboxes blasting tunes over your shoulder. Explosions. Lasers. Walking arcade games. DeLoreans. Everyone knows Kung Fu and is Kung Fu fighting.

Should I go on or are you ready to see this movie now? That’s what I thought. Without further adieu, I present to you… KUNG FURY!!!

KUNG FURY Official Movie [HD]

My big admission to you right now is that at this very moment,10:03 AM Eastern on 5/29/2015, I haven’t watched the Kung Fury movie in it’s entirety yet. The reason for that being, I want to watch this at home on my 55 inch LED tv and not my 17 inch computer monitor. With as closely as I’ve been following this movie, I can still sit here in full confidence and hype up this movie and not feel an ounce of uncertainty. In an era driven by nostalgia and wild, over-the-top humor, Kung Fury was destined for greatness.

I basically know all about the movie so feel free to spoiler it up like crazy down in the comments. I’m not going to be offended. It’ll probably just make me more excited to get home and watch it. Get to it my ninjas!

I wish Laser Unicorns would have gotten the funding to make a full-length feature out of Kung Fury, but part of me thinks that it being a 30 minute short film will bump it up from seeming like a C- or D film and be more like a C+++/Solid B/B+ film instead. Regardless, lets enjoy this together so you’ll want to link up with me on facebooktwitter and instagram to check out my reaction. (We all know it. This is going to be awesome).

By: Eli Rebich