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Kung Fury: Step Aside Avengers & Mad Max. This Is The Top Summer Movie.

I’ve been keeping an eye on Kung Fury for the better part of 2 years. Back in December of 2013, I learned about the kickstarter campaign for Kung Fury and after seeing the teaser trailer, the rest was history. If you don’t know what Kung Fury is and keep thinking I’m adding an unnecessary ‘ry’ …

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IT’S VIRTUAL PAPER BOY!!! … And It Looks Pretty Awesome If You Ask Me.

I would venture to say that one of everyone’s all-time favorite Nintendo games is Paper Boy.  Am I wrong here?  I really don’t think I am.  What if you could play Paper Boy and actually benefit from it as a bike workout?  What if you could play it in first person view and actually throw …

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