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Living In A Nintendo Game Every Single Day

When it comes to my writing, especially as it pertains to my personal life, even though there are a lot of people reading this that know me, or at the very least live in Pittsburgh, I have to write as though you’re all a bunch of strangers from anywhere on the globe (surprisingly, some are). …

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Dragon Ball Z: Light Of Hope (Pilot) – 6 Million Views Don’t Lie. Killer Live-Action Series.

Dragon Ball Z is one of the biggest cult anime cartoon series out there. Rightfully so. Its base audience is built on the generation that grew up on Nintendo/Super Nintendo/Sega/etc. That might seem slightly irrelevant but it really isn’t. Dragon Ball Z is basically an animated version of an early gaming console fantasy campaign fighting …

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IT’S VIRTUAL PAPER BOY!!! … And It Looks Pretty Awesome If You Ask Me.

I would venture to say that one of everyone’s all-time favorite Nintendo games is Paper Boy.  Am I wrong here?  I really don’t think I am.  What if you could play Paper Boy and actually benefit from it as a bike workout?  What if you could play it in first person view and actually throw …

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