Dragon Ball Z: Light Of Hope (Pilot) – 6 Million Views Don’t Lie. Killer Live-Action Series.

Dragon Ball Z is one of the biggest cult anime cartoon series out there. Rightfully so. Its base audience is built on the generation that grew up on Nintendo/Super Nintendo/Sega/etc. That might seem slightly irrelevant but it really isn’t. Dragon Ball Z is basically an animated version of an early gaming console fantasy campaign fighting game and largely plays by the same rules. Multiple main characters to choose from. Strength is available to be earned and needed to maintain. Various aliens and androids as foes and even a few as friends. There’s a way to get extra lives/come back from the dead, in this case, collecting all of the Dragon Balls, summoning the dragon and wishing for a character’s return.

The generations that grew up on not having modern save points in games and needing to either commit to playing until they won the entire game or run out of lives and receive the official “Game Over” screen, many of them grew up along side of Dragon Ball Z. As the demand continues to increase for it, these once made-for-children cartoons are given a fresh spin by bringing them into a darker, more mature light. Speaking of light…

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope – Pilot

Dragon Ball Z has fallen a strange fate when it comes to it being adapted to a live-action spectacle. Hollywood went for it and an all too common mistake was made, which steered a great franchise to bottom out instead of hit the ground running. I’ll give you a hint… Fox was the studio in charge of the film. If you haven’t figured out the fatal flaw, Fox is notorious for abandoning good writing and convincing effects, for star power and campy watered-down delivery. They lose every single time they do it. Every. Single. Time.

Alternatively, the independent online fan community has been delivering renditions of Dragon Ball Z that does the show and anime movies some serious justice. How Fox has nobody under their employ that is actually tapped into the true frequency of fandom for the properties they have control of, boggles the mind. But luckily, fan groups are more than willing to take creative license into their own hands and produce something of real quality, where demand has been waiting to be fulfilled.

So how do you feel about Dragon Ball Z: Light Of Hope? Are you looking forward to new webisodes? What characters do you hope get introduced soon? Hit up the comments and I’ll see you all down there.

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By: Eli Rebich