Penguins Finally Beat The Capitals, 4-3. Those Are 4 Goals Worth Rewatching.

The last time I addressed the Pittsburgh Penguins here, the Pens were in a bad way. A downward spiral was taking place and the team who desperately needed to develop an identity at the beginning of the season, was barely showing up for games. When Sidney Crosby resorted to dropping the gloves against a team to the likes of the Columbus Blue Jackets, was widely viewed as the Penguins hitting rock bottom. I capped my thoughts off with this:

With so little options available to the Penguins due to level of faith and money placed in the performances of Crosby and Malkin, there’s very little left to say. Leaders lead by giving what is needed at the times when it’s needed most. Line changes or no, Sid and Geno need to find a way. They need to score. They need to be consistent. By doing so, they’ll do what comes naturally along side of that and they’ll elevate the players they have around them.

Three wins and 13 goals later, it looks like Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and the Pittsburgh Penguins found their direction again. The next obstacle is to stay on course and maintain team chemistry, unity and quality play through the trade deadline, playoffs, and hopefully through the cup finals.

The Penguins scored 4 really nice goals last night to beat the Washington Capitals 4-3. Lets check them out.

Starting it off, Patrick Hornqvist gives the Penguins their first lead of the game, 1-0 @ 7:04 in the 1st period.

Brandon Sutter is one of the most comfortable players you can find on the penalty kill and continues to show that with his shorthanded goal @ 18:33 in the 1st period, bringing the Penguins a 2-0 lead.

Though the Capitals were able to answer Sutter’s shorthanded goal with a goal of their own late in the first, Sidney Crosby had an answer of his own early in the 2nd period, while on a rather inconsistent power play no less. The Penguins rise to a lead of 3-1 @ 3:16 in the 2nd period.

Again, the Capitals answer quickly and less than a minute later, cut the Penguins’ lead down to 3-2. The 2nd period will close out with that score.

Hanging onto a 1 goal lead on the road, in the middle of a very lively Washington crowd, the Penguins found the breathing room they were looking for. Chris Kunitz, who has been referred to as the “Sock Monkey” and the “Honey Badger,” scores the Penguins final and what later will turn out to be the game winning goal, @ 7:12 in the 3rd period.

Late in the 3rd period, Marc Andre Fleury, who had been playing a phenomenal game, decided to take an awful, selfish penalty in retaliation for a missed goalie interference call. The Capitals receive a man advantage and a faceoff in the Penguins’ defensive zone. That’s all it took. Mere seconds into the Capitals’ power play, spanning from a clean faceoff win, Alexander Ovechkin registers a goal @ 16:26 in the 3rd period.

Despite the terrible decision to take an unnecessary penalty, directly resulting in a game altering goal, Fleury was able to breathe a sign of relief as the Penguins weathered the storm and held onto a much needed 4-3 divisional win over the Washington Capitals.

What are your thoughts on last night’s game? Hit up the comments and I’ll see you down there.

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By: Eli Rebich