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Fantastic Four International Trailer Released. Looks Like This Is Going To Happen.

The Fantastic Four franchise is getting the typical Fox treatment. The first wave always defaults to: “Star power is far more important than good acting, and since good acting doesn’t much matter, the writing can be pretty terrible and people will love it!” Fantastic FourĀ 1.0 ultimately flops but now they’re locked into their cast, so …

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Dragon Ball Z: Light Of Hope (Pilot) – 6 Million Views Don’t Lie. Killer Live-Action Series.

Dragon Ball Z is one of the biggest cult anime cartoon series out there. Rightfully so. Its base audience is built on the generation that grew up on Nintendo/Super Nintendo/Sega/etc. That might seem slightly irrelevant but it really isn’t. Dragon Ball Z is basically an animated version of an early gaming console fantasy campaign fighting …

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