Star Wars, Still Haven’t Seen It? Get Caught Up In 3 Minutes.

Here’s the deal, folks… Star Wars – Episode VII: The Force Awakens officially drops in 2 days, December 18th. If you’re like me, you somehow managed to snag tickets for tomorrow. We’re talking 24 hours until new Star Wars. Time is running short if you’re not up to date with the 6 existing movies. Your back is pretty much up against the wall and it’s time to buckle down and commit. You have your options, though, and a few of them are right here…

Watch all 6 Star Wars movies at once and call it a day.

OR for those of you who have seen the originals but heard nothing but bad things about the newer prequels…

Watch the “Anti-cheese” version of the prequel trilogy and see them the best way they could be.

Those take hours which is obviously time consuming. But what if you could get caught up on all of Star Wars in a matter of minutes? A video SparkNotes version of Star Wars. A cut and dry, major event fly by video that touches on all of the things that are critical to the story. What if I told you it would only take about 120 seconds of your time? 3 minutes TOTAL.

Well… I am telling you that, and here it is.

The Entire Star Wars Saga In 3 Minutes

Having seen all of the movies more times than I could possibly give an accurate estimate for, I have to say that this touches on all the major plot points that you would need to be sufficiently caught up. You would probably bomb pretty bad in a trivia match, but you’re now ready to embrace the new addition to the saga that is coming within 72 hours from now.

Just to be thorough and be able to soundly say I’ve provided you an ample amount of options to see all of the Star Wars movies, I’m going to toss streams of the original trilogy in here for you.

(INSTRUCTIONS: hit the play button once and clear out the pop-up. Hit the play button again and the movie will begin to play.)

Star Wars – Episode IV: A New Hope

Star Wars – Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars – Episode VI – Return of the Jedi

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By: Eli Rebich