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Kung Fury: Step Aside Avengers & Mad Max. This Is The Top Summer Movie.

I’ve been keeping an eye on Kung Fury for the better part of 2 years. Back in December of 2013, I learned about the kickstarter campaign for Kung Fury and after seeing the teaser trailer, the rest was history. If you don’t know what Kung Fury is and keep thinking I’m adding an unnecessary ‘ry’ …

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Thor 2: The Dark World – Looks Like We Got Ourselves A Nice Little Trailer Here Now Doesn’t It?

I’ve always said, of all the Avengers, Thor has to be the most difficult recreate in film form and have it live up to the level of movie Iron Man started us off with.  It’s the medieval-esk nature of his character and mixing him in with modern day that I saw as the biggest hurtle.  Needless …

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The Avengers New Extended Movie Trailer – Star Wars Day Release

Being that I’m such a massive geek and love all things sci-fi/fantasy/action/super hero/comic book related, seeing the Super Bowl tease for the new Avengers movie captured my full attention for the 30 seconds of awesome it was aired during a commercial break. As soon as they revealed that there was yet another trailer online and it …

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