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#TunesdayTuesday: I The Mighty Releases New Album Today, “Connector” (Full Stream)

Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday… you grow more beautiful every time you’re a #Tunesday. If you don’t know about I The Mighty, you’re in luck because starting today, you have two new really solid albums of music to grace your earballs with. That’s a complete blessing for you as a new listener because waiting for 2 years …

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@Coheed and Cambria Releases New Video For “Number City” – The Cutest Creepiest Stop-motion Video Under 4 Minutes

By now, I’m sure it’s no secret what a giant fan I am of Coheed and Cambria.  In fact, just out of sheer coincidence, I’ve been involved in a lot of conversations about the band, their music, the concept of the story, and the overall ups and downs they’ve gone through to get to where …

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@Coheed And Cambria Performs on Conan Last Night: “Dark Side of Me” From The Album, The Afterman Descension

If you’ve followed me on any social medium or just the site in general, you know that I’m a huge Coheed and Cambria fan.  They’re a band that if nothing else, deserves your personal investigation to know what they’re all about.  To say that they’re nothing like any other band out there right now is …

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@Coheed And Cambria Releases A New Track For The FRESH CUTS Compilation: “The Hard Sell”

Here’s a lyrical video for Coheed and Cambria’s new track, “The Hard Sell” on the Fresh Cuts Compilation. Enjoy!

@Coheed And Cambria Release Video For Title Track Of Their New 2 Part Album: “The Afterman”

If you haven’t picked up Coheed and Cambria’s newest album “The Afterman: Ascension”, you really need to.  I’m a total fanboy and sucker for sci-fi so there’s not a whole lot Coheed can’t do that I wont like.  As unbiased as I can be, with the story they’ve created, translated to music, transposed to videos, …

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