#TunesdayTuesday: PVRIS – “Fire” & “My House” (PS – I Love You, Lynn Gunn)

Well well well… 7 days later and we find ourselves back at Tuesday, yet again. I guess that means it’s Tunesday. This week we’re digging in with the first female-fronted band to grace the #TunesdayTuesday series, PVRIS. Not that there was some big waiting game for the first female-fronted band, but with as hypnotic and attention-demanding Lynn Gunn’s voice is, I’m pretty stoked PVRIS gets to be the band that breaks the series mold.

It didn’t take long to find myself obsessed with PVRIS’ music. I stumbled across their acoustic EP and with my incredibly huge weakness for great acoustic music, I gave it a listen. The rest is pretty much history. As soon as I could, I pulled up their full album, White Noise, and realized what a dynamic sound I was dealing with. The acoustic EP is soft, soothing, slightly darker in tone, and emotionally gripping. White Noise is way more aggressive, poppy, but still flowy- almost oscillating in a way at parts.

Not to diminish the role of the instrumentals, they’re beyond excellent, Lynn’s voice is definitely the driving X factor of the songs. Her tonal and energy control is insanely dynamic. It can be so soft, small and quiet, but in an instant changes to a full on power wail with this incredible growl in her voice. That growl, it’s very Sin City-esk in the “He made me watch!!!” scene (jump to 2:12 if the video doesn’t start where it should).

That actually transitions fairly perfectly into the main PVRIS song I’m showcasing here, “Fire.” This is my favorite track from the White Noise album and shows the full range of Lynn’s vocal talent. If I had to come up with a mashup comparison of bands that PRVIS sounds like, I’d say their instrumentals are like The Neighbourhood but a little heavier and just all around better, and the vocals slightly remind me of Jessica from The Secret Whisper.  Feast your earballs on some PVRIS greatness.

PVRIS – Fire

Are you hooked now? Yeah, you’re hooked.

Getting into my random thoughts and stories that are somewhat relevant… You might not know exactly how to say PVRIS. I didn’t either. My first inclination was to just roll with it semi-phonetically and call them “pervis.” Yeah, no. Apparently all the cool kids these days are using a little trickery in there spellings with the letter V. While I was out for drinks with friends who are up on music as much as I am, I asked them how they pronounced, “PVRIS.” The results were split: 2 for “pAris” and 2 for “pUris”. I now know which one is correct but I’m not going to tell because I think it’s funny to make people figure things like that out.

Let’s wrap this up with one more incredible PVRIS track.

PVRIS – My House (Official Music Video)

So what are you thinking about PVRIS? They rock right? Hit up the comments with your thoughts and I’ll see you down there.

Lynn Gunn, if you happen to have made your way all the way down to this part of the post, I’m totally down to marry you whenever you’re in town next. You’ll probably want to stalk me a little bit while you’re on the road, which I’m way on board with. No need to make your search to find me too difficult, here’s my facebooktwitter and instagram.

By: Eli Rebich