#TunesdayTuesday: Breaking Benjamin Back On The Scene & The Prodigy

Happy Tunesday Tuesday people!!! If I had to categorize today’s post, I’d say newsworthy or honorable mention is what best describes it. One item was delivered to me via social media and the other was delivered to me via social interaction. That really still happens as shocking as it may sound. Even though I’m not necessarily a giant fan of these bands now, I certainly was once upon a time.

As a band, Breaking Benjamin hadn’t released an album of new music since Dear Agony in 2009. It was an album was laced with massive amounts of pressure, having to follow their 2006 front to back hit album, Phobia. After six years of radio silence, Breaking Benjamin is back and saying with Dark Before Dawn, they have plenty still left in the tank. Here’s their brand new release, “Failure”

Breaking Benjamin – “Failure”

Breaking Benjamin is an alternative rock band that I first experienced in my early high school years. “Polyamorous” was the hit single off their Saturate album, but the internet being in the state that it was back then, one song was no longer worthy of purchasing an album. Napster was a dangerous site to use at that point, but KaZaA was the new music pirating driver. After writing down the discography that I looked up on CD Universe, I tried to download every single individual track on an internet connection that took 3 or 4 hours to download a 3 or 4MB song, and lord only knows what the quality actually was or if the song was even named correctly. Efficiency was rock bottom level, low. Clearly, Breaking Benjamin was a radio born band.

On the other side of the coin, predating Breaking Benjamin pretty substantially, The Prodigy was a TV/music video born band. They existed during the golden age when MTV played music videos and was the sole peddler of what was to be considered new good music at that time. The early 1990’s being what they were, a techo/synth/alternative band was unique enough on it’s own, but having a very pierced, tatted up, grungy, goth front man like Keith Flint… that’s a memorable package.


As far as The Prodigy is concerned, their biggest album in the US was their 1997 release, Fat Of The Land. Singles from that album like “Breathe,”  “Smack My Bitch Up,” and “Firestarter” are still being used in soundtracks and promo music. As far as I knew (admittedly I didn’t look into it at all), that was the last album The Prodigy made as a band, but I found out from a friend this weekend that I am quite mistaken. Not only do The Prodigy have several albums after Fat Of The Land, they have brand new album coming out at the end of the month and just released its self-titled track not too long ago, “The Day Is My Enemy.”

The Prodigy – “The Day Is My Enemy”

That’s a wrap for today’s #TunesdayTuesday post. How did you like the new Breaking Benjamin come back track? Did you know The Prodigy was still a band? Got any suggestions for future #TunesdayTuesday posts? Hit up the comments with your thoughts and I’ll see you down there.

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By: Eli Rebich