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Star Wars Prequels DON’T Suck. The Edits You’ve Been Looking For.

So here’s the deal. Watching Star Wars is pretty much a must (even the Star Wars prequel trilogy). I always try to help people catch up as best I can. I even posted a way for people to watch all of the Star Wars movies at one time. But now it’s time to go a …

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Before The Empire Strikes Back, There Was The Black Angel… And It’s Been Found.

In the United Kingdom, Australia, and Scandinavia, going to the theater to watch The Empire Strikes Back was a unique experience in comparison to everywhere else in the world. Prior to the start of Empire, a short film called Black Angel was shown in those select countries. This wouldn’t be such a big deal present day since …

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#StarWars Fans, This Is Your Freedom: Jar Jar Binks Dies. The Phantom Menace Becomes Watchable.

  The Phantom Menace was a movie that Star Wars fanatics were salivating for when they found out it was being made.  Who could hate the idea of more Star Wars?  The trailers were torturous with all the awesome glimpses of new and old elements being incorporated into the movie.  New star ships.  New droids. …

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