Point Break’s New Reboot Trailer Is More Extreme Than Extreme Doritos

Point Break is a cult classic. Keanu Reeves has become such pop culture pile-on with how monotone and robotic his acting is, sometimes you forget how legit some of his movies are. You had the best of a lot of worlds with Point Break. Gary Busey before he turned completely insane. Patrick Swayze in his big, buff, girl-swooning prime; may his soul rest in peace. A crazy action movie revolving around beaches, extreme sports and the ideology that doing anything for the rush makes it all worth it.

When you think of it, Point Break is the early Fast and Furious. An undercover agent with the age, style and appropriate skill sets, infiltrates a group of criminals with a strong family dynamic, the agent becomes a little too close to the situation, then runs into levels of serious conflict when it comes to completing his mission and busting the bad guys. The Fast and the Furious movies just changed the ending a bit and the bad guys become the good guys in an anti-hero kind of way. The bad guys just kind of stay the bad guys in Point Break. It looks like the reboot stays true to that story-line.

Point Break – Official Trailer

Point Break’s new makeover is pretty impressive looking. The movie so far looks like it’s basically a 2 hour GoPro highlight reel. Skydiving into caverns. Flying around in squirrel suits. Riding dirt bikes down mountains in front of giant rock slides. Pulling off crazy heist schemes. And of course… surfing gigantic waves. You get all of that on top of getting back one of the best names in movie history; Special Agent Utah.

It didn’t take much to win me over. After 2 minutes and 34 seconds, Point Break’s reboot has me sold. Even if it doesn’t live up to the original’s sentimental value, it’s definitely going to be an action spectacle. My only real hope is that they work in the scene where Special Agent Utah hurts his knee in pursuit, screams “ARGH!!!” and fires his gun into the air. You know… the one from Hot Fuzz.

What are your thoughts on Point Break? Are you on board? Should they have left well-enough alone? Hit up the comments and I’ll see you down there.

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By: Eli Rebich