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PREDATOR: DARK AGES – A Crusade To Heal Predator’s Glowing Green AVP Wounds

One of the strangest things in cult movie history surrounds the Predator. The original Predator movie was incredible and still is. The Predator as a character/alien/movie monster was an instant hit. One of the best ever created. A jacked up humanoid alien, hunter/being of the land/master of his surroundings mindset, body cloaking/camouflage device, dreadlocks, an …

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Mortal Kombat X Takes Brutal To Another Level. Here’s All The Fatalities & HERE’S JOHNNY!

I was in elementary school when Mortal Kombat first came out. At the time, parents of the kids around my age who immediately allowed them to own Mortal Kombat, were the first “cool parents” of my generation. That was the house you could go to and know you could get away with a little more, …

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