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PREDATOR: DARK AGES – A Crusade To Heal Predator’s Glowing Green AVP Wounds

One of the strangest things in cult movie history surrounds the Predator. The original Predator movie was incredible and still is. The Predator as a character/alien/movie monster was an instant hit. One of the best ever created. A jacked up humanoid alien, hunter/being of the land/master of his surroundings mindset, body cloaking/camouflage device, dreadlocks, an …

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Ever Want The Power Rangers To Be Darker And Brutal? You Got It… And James Van Der Beek.

As a kid in lower elementary school, I was of the age where schoolmates didn’t admit to watching the Power Rangers TV show because “it was for kids”. We’re always so much older and wiser than we think. So because of that, I never really owned up to watching the Power Rangers, but I watched it every single …

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Cloverfield 2: Feel Free To Shed Some Light On This If You Can… But Are We Seeing Aliens???

For me, Cloverfield was nothing more than a GIANT trailer for a second movie that would give us a better look at the monster(s), expand on where it/they came from, explain why people needed to be shot once they were bit by the little monsters, and hopefully fill us in on the government details of …

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