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New NSFW Power Rangers Has A Behind The Scenes Video. It’s AWESOME… And SFW.

The “Not Safe For Work” Power Rangers short film video stirred a ton of debate. Saban, the owner of the popular kid’s franchise, was none too happy about the tone of the “Bootleg”. The video was quickly shut down on Youtube and Vimeo, but the internet had a thing or two to say about that. Fans …

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Ever Want The Power Rangers To Be Darker And Brutal? You Got It… And James Van Der Beek.

As a kid in lower elementary school, I was of the age where schoolmates didn’t admit to watching the Power Rangers TV show because “it was for kids”. We’re always so much older and wiser than we think. So because of that, I never really owned up to watching the Power Rangers, but I watched it every single …

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