Ever Want The Power Rangers To Be Darker And Brutal? You Got It… And James Van Der Beek.

As a kid in lower elementary school, I was of the age where schoolmates didn’t admit to watching the Power Rangers TV show because “it was for kids”. We’re always so much older and wiser than we think. So because of that, I never really owned up to watching the Power Rangers, but I watched it every single day when I came home from school. It was a bunch of kids, fighting aliens with lethal weapons, and when the main alien grew to Godzilla heights, the Power Rangers busted out their giant dinosaur robots that could combine to make the Megazord, which was pretty much the live action Voltron. Megazord would kill the huge alien and the Earth was safe once again. Why kids wouldn’t want to admit everything about that is completely awesome is a total swing and a miss. Petty children.

Saving the world from aliens on a daily basis is a dangerous and with attempt after attempt being thwarted, the schemes can only get more intense as well as much more risky in terms of the Power Rangers’ personal odds of surviving. Assuming they’re still alive, those kids grow up. Can you imagine what they develop into? Adi Shankar did… and he incorporated James Van Der Beek. THE BEEK, BABY!!!

Power Rangers Bootleg – Power/Rangers

Adi Shankar couldn’t have been more on point with the concept of this. First off, everyone has always wanted to see the Power Rangers evolve as we grew older. Not evolve into different spin-off kid shows the way it did, but evolve in its maturity to keep up with its original audience. Lets be honest with ourselves… we’re far from done seeing giant robots fight aliens. Thank you for kind of trying, Transformers. Thank you for listening and nailing it, Pacific Rim.


We’re a loyal generation to what we were raised on. It was great and we look back on it, still recognizing its greatness and call out for its reemergence. That’s the beauty of our generation flooding into the creative positions of entertainment production. Someone of like mind is in place to finally answer our calls.

I can say all I want about this, but you’d be much better suited hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth.

Adi Shankar – Why Bootleg The Power Rangers?

There it is. So what do you think about the new Power Rangers direction? Is there any reason you wouldn’t want to see this as a full-length feature? Hit up the comments and I’ll see you down there.

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By: Eli Rebich