#ForceFriday – #StarWars Awesomeness Brought To You Courtesy of @PatHanavan and Woot.com

So every week my inbox, facebook messages, DM’s, @ replies, and facebook walls are filled with Star Wars stuff, which is about as close to heaven as it gets for me.  Pat Hanavan batted 1000 yesterday with great posts on my wall, so I knew the job was already done for me for my Force Friday picks of the week.  The woot.com was a random piece of awesome I happened to stumble on when I opened my email.  I wear a medium if anyone wants to get the shirt for me.  I have a huge stock pile of Star Wars stuff that you guys have sent me, but definitely keep it coming.  I guarantee you, I’ll post it up in a Force Friday post that’s not so very far, far away.


In general, most of what  people send me shows how basically anything that was cool on its own, can be made a million times cooler once Star Wars is applied to it.  Take the Gotye song, “Somebody That I Used to Know”… I honestly could care less for the song, but the video is really creative and I think that’s where the hype spanned from.  I appreciate that though because since its release, a ton of awesome covers have surfaced and many of them are super impressive, musically.  Better than the original in my opinion.  The videos are pretty amazing too.  Whats even more impressive is that they are put together so quickly after the original’s release, so they can ride the hype wave while its still running hot.  Well, of course Star Wars couldn’t be left out of being incorporated as a parody.  Everyone has heard the complaints about the new Star Wars films and also the nonstop bitchings about the edits done to the original three.  This Gotye parody “The Star Wars That I Used To Know” is spot on, on so many levels.  The lyrics are hilarious and the video innovation runs neck and neck in the hilarity race.  You definitely have to check this out.

So back to things being cool and Star Wars making it cooler… sex.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like them some good (insert your descriptive style here) sex.  It seems to be the one universal agreement across all cultures.  Having kids, not exactly the same shared enthusiasm.  BUT…  Mix in Star Wars and a little bit of humor and you have yourself something we can all enjoy… physically or otherwise.

If Vader would’ve wrapped it up in the first place, he’d still be running the galaxy with an iron fist.  That’s a true story.

Then today I found this in my daily Woot.com email.  Its a great shirt.  I laughed.  If you’re still reading this far down, you’ll probably get it.  Like I said… I’m a size medium if you’re looking to get it for me.  My birthday is coming up actually…

Happy Force Friday everyone!  May the Force be with you… always.