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Nostalgic Star Wars Art By Craig Davison, “A Long Time Ago, In A Cul-De-Sac Far Away”

If you read what I post on this site, not everything is Star Wars-based, despite the obvious theme. There are things I find and write about because I genuinely think they’re unique and interesting. There’s things I find and post about because I know it has cult and mass appeal, even though it may not …

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Star Wars “Origins” – Could Yoda Be The Focal Point Of The 1st Disney Standalone film???

By now everyone knows that Disney is making new Star Wars films.  What may not be completely common knowledge is beyond expanding on the already existing saga, Disney is rumored to have planned a number of one-off Star Wars films.  So in the biggest Science Fantasy world to date, where does one aim its focus …

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So… Is It Safe To Talk About Valentines Day Yet??? – #yinzerTalk @starwars #starwars

So as a single guy in PIttsburgh, or a single guy anywhere really, I had a pretty eventful Valentines Day season.  Can you call it that?  I guess so… I just did.  I’ll just call it Valentines Day so I don’t have to always be so chronologically liberal about describing it.  I wanted to post …

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