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Nostalgic Star Wars Art By Craig Davison, “A Long Time Ago, In A Cul-De-Sac Far Away”

If you read what I post on this site, not everything is Star Wars-based, despite the obvious theme. There are things I find and write about because I genuinely think they’re unique and interesting. There’s things I find and post about because I know it has cult and mass appeal, even though it may not …

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More Darth Maul Lightsaber Stunt Battles From The Creators Of Mr. And Mrs. Sith.

Defcon Unlimited is a German stunt-team and production company. They also have a bit of an affinity towards the geek-side. What’s not to like??? Beyond filming stunts, the performers themselves are incredible make up artists, costume designers, and choreographers. Pair all of that talent up with quality video production and you’ve got a really impressive …

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The Crazy Suit From The Superman Film That Never Was. Nick Cage, Superman Lives.

There’s a lot of things about the thought of Nick Cage being Superman that makes you wonder how the decision-making process was conducted. Superman is a pretty “hunky” guy with super perfect hair, no matter what the length. Cage doesn’t really hit the mark in either of those categories, as far as the conventional standard …

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NASA Astronaut Team Made Up Of Jedi Knights. Finally Some Real Progress.

Listen… if you don’t get it yet, it’s time that you did and do. STAR WARS IS THE BEST THING EVER IN ALL OF EXISTENCE!!! I get it. My family gets it. Most of my friends are coming around. I know some of my social media friends definitely get it. Hell, even the economy gets it!!! …

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Congratulations. You’re A Jedi And You’re Badass. This Is Why.

  You went through so much to steal the technical readout of the Death Star and the enemy just broke in and stole it back. They tried to kill you. You’re pretty upset about that and rightfully so. People are relying on you to get those plans back. It’s time to mess some people up. …

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