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Congratulations. You’re A Jedi And You’re Badass. This Is Why.

  You went through so much to steal the technical readout of the Death Star and the enemy just broke in and stole it back. They tried to kill you. You’re pretty upset about that and rightfully so. People are relying on you to get those plans back. It’s time to mess some people up. …

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Pictures of SOME of Steelers 4th-Round Draft Pick, Alameda Ta’amu’s, Drunken SUV Rampage This Weekend

Through running this site and personal interactions, pro athletes have become about as bottom of the barrel to me as possible, when you’re talking about their general human decency. ┬áSocial media is probably the worst when it comes to wishing the only thing you knew about players is what you see while they’re competing during …

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