The Crazy Suit From The Superman Film That Never Was. Nick Cage, Superman Lives.

There’s a lot of things about the thought of Nick Cage being Superman that makes you wonder how the decision-making process was conducted. Superman is a pretty “hunky” guy with super perfect hair, no matter what the length. Cage doesn’t really hit the mark in either of those categories, as far as the conventional standard is concerned… especially in the hair department. Nick Cage wasn’t the strangest part of this Superman.

Without the movie ever having been made, it’s hard to tell exactly what the purpose for this suit was, but my assumptions is to visually show the flow of Superman’s immense amount of power as it courses its way through his body. Check it out.

Superman Lives Suit

I wasn’t baiting you on this one. That’s a crazy looking Superman suit. The bummer of it all is that the movie was never made, so we’ll never know what the final vision of this suit would have been after the magic of post production has taken place. The magic of post production still couldn’t do much for the fact that Nick Cage is supposed to pass for Kal-El. That’s why I’m not actually bummed this could-be, has never been, and will probably never be.

bald-superman Superman-Cage

Nick Cage as the Man of Steel wouldn’t have flown with me. Being that Tim Burton was slated to be the director, you’re probably shocked that Johnny Depp isn’t the man in blue. Hell, you’re probably shocked Depp wasn’t the Dark Knight in Batman and Batman Returns, Hollywood bromances can be cruel to iconic characters. Kevin Smith was in the mix as the writer for Superman Lives. You have to wonder how such a hardcore comic geek fanboy like Smith, was convinced that Cage was the best option?

If you happened to miss a post I did a while back (the images above were included in it), there’s a documentary being made to give us a little more insight as to why Superman Lives was never actually born. In most scenarios this would be a dangerous situation because typically, movies are never really dead. Documentaries like these can revive their traction, gain fan support and give the project new life. Seeing as Superman is currently full steam ahead into a DC universe, Superman Lives can probably jot down it’s official time of death and be buried deep down in the soil, inside a big kryptonite casket.

The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened – Full Trailer

If you’re looking for a little more light on the subject despite the amount the Superman suit gives off on it’s own, the documentary is said to be released sometime in 2015. Slightly vague, but I guess there’s only really 10 months left of the year so the date is kind of weeding itself out as we speak.

What did you think of the glowstick suit? Do you wish they finished making Superman Lives? Are you more accepting of Nick Cage as the Man of Steel than I am? Hit up the comments and I’ll see you down there.

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By: Eli Rebich