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The Crazy Suit From The Superman Film That Never Was. Nick Cage, Superman Lives.

There’s a lot of things about the thought of Nick Cage being Superman that makes you wonder how the decision-making process was conducted. Superman is a pretty “hunky” guy with super perfect hair, no matter what the length. Cage doesn’t really hit the mark in either of those categories, as far as the conventional standard …

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Guy Ritchie + The Man Of Steel = ‘THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.’ – Watch The Trailer

When I think of Henry Cavill, it’s hard for me to think of him being anyone but Superman right now. I don’t think of an over exorbitant amount of acting, but more action sequences and CGI enhancements. Less range and more singular focus, which is mildly ironic since Superman is also Clark Kent. Enter Guy …

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Evolution Of The World’s Most Famous ‘S’ – 75 Years Of Superman


This ‘Man Of Steel’ Movie Is Going To Blow People Away. Consider This The Official Start Toward The Justice League.

This is THE Superman movie fans have been waiting for.  Holy cow… Enjoy!

Whooooooooo Likes Superman!!!!!!! – New Superman Costume Previews

A ton of people were very critical of the latest Superman movie, Superman Returns.  I wasn’t all that disappointed with it, but then again, even though he is the most popular super hero of all time, Superman is a hard sell on the silver screen.  Here’s a look at the new costume for the upcoming …

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