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Valentines Day Crazies: There’s A Scientific Way To Find Out Your Chances Of Finding Love… Its Right Here.

This is the time of year we find out whether the people who yap about being a strong and independent individuals, are really strong and independent individuals.  I’m of the family of thought that if it’s something you have to remind yourself and others, its probably something you’re striving to be but aren’t quite yet… …

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So… Is It Safe To Talk About Valentines Day Yet??? – #yinzerTalk @starwars #starwars

So as a single guy in PIttsburgh, or a single guy anywhere really, I had a pretty eventful Valentines Day season.  Can you call it that?  I guess so… I just did.  I’ll just call it Valentines Day so I don’t have to always be so chronologically liberal about describing it.  I wanted to post …

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