Adidas Skyline Vaders: As Good As Mine (Already Have A Pair On Hold)

Before I even start… a MASSIVE thanks to my good buddy Matt Dayka for keeping me in mind when he swiped a pair of these to put on hold for me as soon as they came in.

Come this Friday, everyone feel free to be extremely jealous of me rocking these super, super, SUPER SICK Adidas Skyline Vaders.  I’m not a big shoe buff… in fact, they’re probably the worst part of my wardrobe, which is pretty uneventful as is… but I’m SUPER psyched to officially own a pair of these.  The question then becomes… do I wear them OR place them on a pedestal-like shelf, buff them daily, whisper sweet nothings to them, and grow old with them??? I have 4 days to figure this out…