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Penguins Finally Beat The Capitals, 4-3. Those Are 4 Goals Worth Rewatching.

The last time I addressed the Pittsburgh Penguins here, the Pens were in a bad way. A downward spiral was taking place and the team who desperately needed to develop an identity at the beginning of the season, was barely showing up for games. When Sidney Crosby resorted to dropping the gloves against a team to …

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If The Pittsburgh @Penguins Had Their Own Episode Of The Office, This Would Be The Intro Theme Video. #pens

This video hits the nail right on the head. Enjoy!

This Is My Favorite Stamkos Moment EVER: Find Your Power Animal… SLIDE!!! #Pens

Probably one of the most unfortunate things to happen to an all-star player like him, but man… I remember laughing so uncontrollably when it happened.  It’s still pretty damn funny. Enjoy!!!

NHL Hockey Haunts Your Dreams And Subsequently Causes Some Hilarious Emails #PariseDreams #YinzerTalk

I feel like my family makes cameos fairly often in my stories, so this should be nothing new in that regard.  My cousin is a hilarious guy.  Between him, his brother, and their dad (my godfather), they’re probably the reason I’m as big of a Star Wars fan as I am.  I will always be …

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Penguins vs Stars 2/29/12 Video Goal And Shootout Recap @pghpenguins #pens

Before most games, I do a little bit of research.  You have to be working in sports to be able to afford the time to watch all of the games or go through all the highlights, stats and scores from around the league.  When it comes to learning about our opponents, I usually just check …

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