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Support Lines Email Into Jedi Master Mears @penguinslive 3/6/2012 @pghpenguins #Pens #YinzerTalk

Jedi Master Mears, Welcome back.  I dare you to try to laugh more during the show than Michelle did in your stead.  Her laugh is pretty contagious when something gets her started, which never seemed too difficult. Great game on Saturday night.  Even though Colorado came off of a shutout loss rolling into the Pens …

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Penguins vs Stars 2/29/12 Video Goal And Shootout Recap @pghpenguins #pens

Before most games, I do a little bit of research.  You have to be working in sports to be able to afford the time to watch all of the games or go through all the highlights, stats and scores from around the league.  When it comes to learning about our opponents, I usually just check …

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The Rangers Don’t Look Like The Best Team In The NHL When The #Pens Play A Full 60 Minutes. @Pghpenguins

After their worst game of the season, falling to a struggling Buffalo Sabres team this weekend, the Pens turn around and play what I would say is easily their best game of the season.  From front to back, it seemed like the Pens had their heads on straight and were focused on one thing and …

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