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Stretch Shortcomings Email to Jedi Master Mears @penguinslive 4/2/2012 @pghpenguins #Pens #YinzerTalk

I sent this into Steve Mears on Penguins Live today.  I asked him some loaded questions today.  Feel free to give me your thoughts too. ——————————————————————————————— Jedi Master Mears! Happy Monday. Rough loss yesterday but some interesting turn of events that look like they will set the scene for the playoffs. I have a few …

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Career Highs and Stanley Cups Email to Jedi Master Mears @penguinslive 3/21/2012 @pghpenguins #Pens #YinzerTalk

Hey Jedi Master Mears, I don’t know what it is about when we play the Jets but that’s now 2 in a row that have been pretty confusing.  Watching my facebook and twitter feeds during the game, I could tell I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.  Once we gained the lead, the …

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Bruins Duper Crosby Email to Jedi Master Mears @penguinslive 3/12/2012 @pghpenguins #Pens #YinzerTalk

Jedi Master Mears, How’s it going today?  I’m back from the Big East Tournament in NYC, so I’m back in show attendance.  I got to hang out with the New York Pens Chapter while I was out there.  Is it any shock that all the coolest people I met in NYC were all from Pittsburgh?  …

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Support Lines Email Into Jedi Master Mears @penguinslive 3/6/2012 @pghpenguins #Pens #YinzerTalk

Jedi Master Mears, Welcome back.  I dare you to try to laugh more during the show than Michelle did in your stead.  Her laugh is pretty contagious when something gets her started, which never seemed too difficult. Great game on Saturday night.  Even though Colorado came off of a shutout loss rolling into the Pens …

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Trade Deadline Email Into Jedi Master Mears @penguinslive 2/28/2012 #Pens #YinzerTalk

Jedi Master Mears, How’s it going? Work has been a little nuts but hopefully I can get this email off to you before the show ends. Everyone seemed to be disappointed by the very uneventful trade deadline happenings.  I guess that really goes to show how many teams are still in the playoff race.  That, …

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