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If The Pittsburgh @Penguins Had Their Own Episode Of The Office, This Would Be The Intro Theme Video. #pens

This video hits the nail right on the head. Enjoy!

Stretch Shortcomings Email to Jedi Master Mears @penguinslive 4/2/2012 @pghpenguins #Pens #YinzerTalk

I sent this into Steve Mears on Penguins Live today.  I asked him some loaded questions today.  Feel free to give me your thoughts too. ——————————————————————————————— Jedi Master Mears! Happy Monday. Rough loss yesterday but some interesting turn of events that look like they will set the scene for the playoffs. I have a few …

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Career Highs and Stanley Cups Email to Jedi Master Mears @penguinslive 3/21/2012 @pghpenguins #Pens #YinzerTalk

Hey Jedi Master Mears, I don’t know what it is about when we play the Jets but that’s now 2 in a row that have been pretty confusing.  Watching my facebook and twitter feeds during the game, I could tell I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.  Once we gained the lead, the …

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3/20 – Pens Iceberg and The Pittsburgh Jedi Talk Matt Cooke and #Pens Hockey. TUNE IN! @PensIceberg @pghpenguins

Make sure you check out the Pens Iceberg website and tune in to Pens Iceberg Radio and listen to Casey and I exchange our thoughts on Matt Cooke’s Masterton nomination.  If you have any thoughts on the topic, definitely send me your input.  I would love to share some other fan opinions on the topic. CHECK OUT …

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If The Pens Stay Healthy, Lord Stanley Is All But Moved Back Into Pittsburgh For Another Year. #Pens @pghpenguins

HAPPY SAINT PATRICKS DAY, PITTSBURGH!!! Thursday night was the game all of Pittsburgh and pretty much every hockey fan on the planet, were waiting for – the return of Sidney Crosby.  At Madison Square Garden against the Rangers, the game couldn’t have turned out to be much more of a high stakes situation.  The Rangers …

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