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2012 NHL Draft: The Experience Is Far More Than Trades and Acquisitions – THANK YOU @suzannegrove !!!

I could sit here and tell you about what the rundown of this year’s NHL Draft was and what I think about all the picks, trades and acquisitions, but I’m not going to.  There’s plenty of that floating around out there for you to check out.  To read this might help, but to experience the …

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Career Highs and Stanley Cups Email to Jedi Master Mears @penguinslive 3/21/2012 @pghpenguins #Pens #YinzerTalk

Hey Jedi Master Mears, I don’t know what it is about when we play the Jets but that’s now 2 in a row that have been pretty confusing.  Watching my facebook and twitter feeds during the game, I could tell I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.  Once we gained the lead, the …

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If The Pens Stay Healthy, Lord Stanley Is All But Moved Back Into Pittsburgh For Another Year. #Pens @pghpenguins

HAPPY SAINT PATRICKS DAY, PITTSBURGH!!! Thursday night was the game all of Pittsburgh and pretty much every hockey fan on the planet, were waiting for – the return of Sidney Crosby.  At Madison Square Garden against the Rangers, the game couldn’t have turned out to be much more of a high stakes situation.  The Rangers …

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Trade Deadline Email Into Jedi Master Mears @penguinslive 2/28/2012 #Pens #YinzerTalk

Jedi Master Mears, How’s it going? Work has been a little nuts but hopefully I can get this email off to you before the show ends. Everyone seemed to be disappointed by the very uneventful trade deadline happenings.  I guess that really goes to show how many teams are still in the playoff race.  That, …

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February Isn’t The Best Month For #Pens Defense: Flyers/Sabres Weekend Video Goal Recap @Pghpenguins

February hasn’t been the Penguins’ strongest month.  Sure, you can’t win ’em all but do you have to set yourself up to lose all of your games unless you’re scoring 4 or more goals per game consistently?  The Pens are 4 of 9 for the month of February with a total of 29 goals against. …

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