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#Pens V Flyers: The Pregame Rivalry Breakdown – by @AmandaMarieY

Well Pens fans, here we go. The first game of the season against our biggest rival. As the Pens try to extend their lead in the metropolitian division vs the flyers it seems as if Pens are the favorite due to each teams current record. 5-1 vs 1-6, from the looks of those numbers, the …

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2012 NHL Draft: The Experience Is Far More Than Trades and Acquisitions – THANK YOU @suzannegrove !!!

I could sit here and tell you about what the rundown of this year’s NHL Draft was and what I think about all the picks, trades and acquisitions, but I’m not going to. ┬áThere’s plenty of that floating around out there for you to check out. ┬áTo read this might help, but to experience the …

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