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Amanda Palmer: The art of asking – 100% An Amazing/Extraordinary Story… But Is It Much More Than Just That?

This came up on my personal account’s timeline and it struck me as odd in all facets because the title was “An Eight-Foot-Tall Woman Is Destroying The Entire Music Industry”.  It did its job and got me to click on it to see if there was some mutant woman out there taking down all the …

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Pittsburgh’s Own, Doomsday Initiative, Releases A Killer Video For Their Single “Skylines”. Show ‘Em Some Love @realDoomsdayOMG

Doomsday Initiative dropped a new video for their single “Skylines” on July 5th.  Making simplicity into an intricate, detailed complexity built this video from the ground up… and they nailed it. The era of the music video has faded and evolved from its huge popular inception with MTV way back in the day.  These days, …

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900 Twitter Followers Thank You PART 1: Darth Vader vs. Adolf Hitler – Epic Rap Battles of History

When I first put together Pittsburgh Jedi, it was mainly because people who I had been friends with for years and years on Facebook, were all of a sudden having their news feeds taken over by my live posts for Pens and Steelers games, etc. Some really liked it and some really hated it, but …

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If Pittsburgh Was Its Own Movie, This Would Be Its Epic Trailer – “Pittsburgh: The Yinzers Are Restless!!!”

I wont waste your time with a pre-cap.  Just watch it and love it. Enjoy!  

2 Years Ago Today In Pittsburgh, This Happened In Market Square And Received International Attention. I’m Honored To Have Been A Part Of It.

A little over 2 years ago, my cousin Kevin contacted me to tell me he was proposing to his girlfriend (now wife), Jen.  I was excited about it and excited for him but also kind of confused since he and I are mostly in contact when it involves sports or drinking.  Then it became clear… …

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