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Pittsburgh’s Own, Doomsday Initiative, Releases A Killer Video For Their Single “Skylines”. Show ‘Em Some Love @realDoomsdayOMG

Doomsday Initiative dropped a new video for their single “Skylines” on July 5th.  Making simplicity into an intricate, detailed complexity built this video from the ground up… and they nailed it. The era of the music video has faded and evolved from its huge popular inception with MTV way back in the day.  These days, …

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2012 EQT Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta: A Whole Lotta “Yinz Gotta” #yinzerTalk

For as long as I can remember, back in the days when I was just a little padawan learner, my parents always took me down to “The Regatta”.  I don’t know how official the slogan is, but I was always clued in that “The Regatta” was coming up when I would here the widely accepted phrase …

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