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If You’re A Steelers Supporter, You’re An NFL Supporter And EVERYTHING That Comes With It.

I preface this by saying I’m not putting myself on any pedestal because I’m saying this. For everything that I qualify for, I’m as guilty as the next person who does the same. I’m just not afraid to admit my own level of apathy and to call Steelers fans and all NFL fans out for …

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New #YinzerTalk: Do We Have The Ability To React Proportionately To Information Importance?

I just started a new writing venture in a completely different genre than what I do here with Pittsburgh Jedi. You may see a little throttling back on the site posts but I’ve been wanting to get the social conversations started back up again. It’s been a while since I’ve created open dialogue opportunities on …

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#YinzerTalk: The Lesson From My Night At The Bar Talking With A Girl From Philidelphia

The stories / #YinzerTalk portion of this site is probably utilized the least because it’s really just up to my own discretion as to whether something is worth talking about. It’s an opinion section more than anything. The thing about opinions in this day and age that I’ve very recently come to realize is, it’s pretty …

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Buying Smart Phones: Why Are People Still So Dumb When It Comes To Smart Phones?

DISCLAIMER: I work for a tech firm. I have no brand or platform allegiance. Whatever gives me the best functionality, for the longest duration, in the most efficient way possible, at the best price I can get it at… that’s what I side with. When it comes to smartphones, that’s also EXACTLY my point. So …

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Help Packed Panda Support PITT’s Study Abroad Program: Scholarship Fundraiser

If you claim to love travel and culture but aren’t yet aware of Packed Panda, until just now, you’ve been quite the walking contradiction. Packed Panda is a website acknowledging just how big the world really is and the endless amount of culture and diversity there is to experience within it. Even more to that end, …

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