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Darth Vader And Son: The Best Children’s Book In The Galaxy.

Darth Vader and Son is so ridiculously cute and funny… neither adjectives are things I ever thought I would describe something about the relationship between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

#Pens V Flyers: The Pregame Rivalry Breakdown – by @AmandaMarieY

Well Pens fans, here we go. The first game of the season against our biggest rival. As the Pens try to extend their lead in the metropolitian division vs the flyers it seems as if Pens are the favorite due to each teams current record. 5-1 vs 1-6, from the looks of those numbers, the …

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For Every #Pens Fan Dying To Be In The Building For A Playoff Game- Here’s The Opening Sequence. LETS GO #PENS!!!

People start to freak out and honestly… its the coolest damn thing to be a part of. “This is what you play for…”

Here’s An OLD Colussy Chevrolet Commercial Featuring Mario Lemieux From 1987! Gotta Love The Mullet! #pens @penguins

In all his 1987 glory, I am pleased to present to you via Colussy Chevrolet, Penguins #66, Le Magnifique!!! Enjoy! 

Plum High School 4th Annual Pittsburgh Penguins Lipdub (Ripdub) @penguins #pens

Once again, Nice work Plum High School. LETS GO PENS!!!!!